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What if I File a Hail Damage Claim and Keep the Money?

What if I file a hail damage claim and keep the money? As crazy as it sounds, more than a few people have done this in the past. 

It may sound tempting, but here are a few reasons why it’s not a good idea.

First, is this Fraud?

No, this is technically not fraud if a) you own the car and b) the insurance company gives you the money instead of giving it straight to the body shop. The money is technically yours, and you can spend it in any way you want; however, your insurance company will want you to spend it on repairs.

What Happens if I Keep the Money?

If you choose to keep the money and not use it on hail damage repairs, then you’re actually hurting both your car and your wallet. It is very likely that, in the future, your insurance company would deny another claim due to pre-existing damage. They would not be able to differentiate damage from separate hail storms. Additionally, not repairing hail damage can lead to rust and cracks in the paint that your insurance would not cover.

Experts like Dent Mechanic Group highly recommend that you repair hail damage as soon as possible after a hail storm to keep your vehicle (and your wallet) in the best condition!

What Should I Do with the Money?

If your insurance company gives the claim money to you instead of the body shop, we recommend that you research trustworthy body shops with expert paintless dent repair technicians and equipment to get the best bang for your buck. 

Dent Mechanic Group employs highly-skilled paintless dent repair experts and has state-of-the-art professional tools and technology to make your car look as good as it did before the hail storm. 

How Dent Mechanic Group Can Help

Dent Mechanic Group’s #1 priority is taking care of you and your vehicle. Our staff of highly-trained paintless dent repair experts will repair the damage quickly and efficiently at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We also offer free pick up and delivery and if needed, a free Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 

We have repaired thousands of cars in DFW for over 6 years, have over 600 5-star reviews on Google, and operate year-round, not just when a bad hail storm hits.

We rely on our extensive knowledge, training, and experience to provide the highest quality paintless dent repair I’m service and our promise of a no-hassle experience so you can be back in your car in no time.


If you need body damage repaired on your vehicle, including hail damage
and accidental dents, we can provide paintless dent repair to return
your automobile’s body back to it’s former glory.