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YES, Dent Mechanic Group is locally owned and operated. The majority of the companies in the DFW Metroplex are not local businesses; we are not one of those companies. Dent Mechanic Group was founded and operates in Dallas, Texas by a Native Texan.

No, we will work with you on your deductible to perform PDR /Auto Hail Repair to your vehicle or vehicles. To repair the hail damage to your vehicle or vehicles (or perform paintless dent repair), we will help to ensure that you pay out of pocket very little or nothing at all. We know that money can be an issue when having paintless dent removal performed on your vehicle. That being said, we guarantee that your out-of-pocket cost will be minimal, if not zero dollars, for the PDR we perform on your vehicle. We can discount repairs in a plethora of different ways ensuring that you pay out of pocket as little as possible.

The answer is NO. By law, where you choose to have your vehicle repaired is your decision. In fact, multiple insurance companies have had questionable practices in the past of “steering”, (read more about insurance steering here), and some currently still do. Sadly, some insurance companies still participate in steering because it allows them to cut corners on repairs and save money. If you do choose to have your vehicle repaired at a “preferred shop”, you will be required to pay your deductible, as the preferred shops are contractually obligated to do so by the insurance companies. “Preferred vendors” of insurance companies are locked into pricing agreements by the insurance company.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the most non-invasive, eco-friendly, and cost-effective method of auto hail repair available for returning your vehicle back to its factory condition after a hail storm. We use specialized, paintless dent removal tools to massage the back of the dent, eventually causing the dent to smooth out and coaxing the metal paneling into returning it to its original, undamaged state.

The answer is NO. If the paintless dent repair cost on a panel exceeds the replacement cost of a panel, the insurance company will always go the more cost-effective or cheaper route to save themselves money. This is the reason that insurance companies may write to replace your roof, hood and decklid (or trunk) panels at replacement cost rather than paintless dent repair on your estimate. The work you choose to have done on your vehicle is your choice, and your choice alone.

Our highly qualified and trained technicians use special tools to apply pressure to the backside of the dent, gradually pushing it outwards and elevating it to its original position. At times, a bonding tab can be placed directly in the center of the dent to pull it up. With these methods, the dent is repaired seamlessly without any evidence of repair or disturbance to the finish. The results are spectacular, and the vehicle owner no longer has to worry about replacing parts or refinishing/repainting the vehicle’s surface. In turn, the vehicle’s value never diminishes because of the PDR repair method saving the factory parts, panels, and paint job. When possible, paintless dent repair is the most viable repair process when it comes to repairing hail damage.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is best used to repair damage caused by hailstorms, or similar types of dents that may occur due to an object striking the surface of the panel. This method of dent removal is recommended by all insurance companies and is the most viable option to repair hail damage, dings and dents that have not caused damage to the finish of the vehicle.

A restriction of “unrepaired damage” will go into effect on your insurance policy, and any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, you also take a chance on having an accident. In this case, the hail damage and collision damage would be combined, possibly causing your vehicle to become a total loss. You are also taking a chance of being hit by another hail storm, which can exacerbate damage beyond what is repairable by paintless dent repair.In turn it can result in body work or conventional repair being your only option,devaluing your vehicle tremendously in the process.

In most cases, insurance checks are valid for 180 days. However, your estimate is based on current labor and parts rates, which are subject to change. Waiting to fix your vehicle will also increase your risk for “unrepaired damage” complications. The definitive answer to the question is; there is no time limit for filing a comprehensive claim. It is worded in the policy as filing “within a reasonable time”, which can have many interpretations.

No, filing a claim for auto hail damage will not cause your rates to increase. Auto insurance claims are classified into two different categories:
1. Collision
2. Comprehensive
Hail damage is considered a comprehensive claim and is considered an act of God, which, by insurance standards means the event was beyond your control. In most cases regarding collision, both parties have a percentage of fault. It is illegal for insurance companies to raise your rates based upon an act of God. Instead, they will use a loophole by raising rates on entire zip codes in affected areas, so chances are your rates will already be going up, regardless of if you are fixing your vehicle or not.

Dent Mechanic Group will work with your insurance to secure a rental car if you have rental car coverage. If you don’t have rental car coverage, DMG will provide a complimentary rental vehicle for you to use while your vehicle is being serviced. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Bobby Morgan
Bobby Morgan
Wonderful experience from beginning to end with quality workmanship. Very impressed with the work and how easy the process was. Dent Mechanic group manage the insurance side and kept me up to date step by step. Excellent experience, thanks!
Vince Piper
Vince Piper
Every person I dealt with was helpful and pleasant to talk to. That may seem trivial, but it is getting very rare to have 1 person in an organization treat you well today. At Dent Mechanic the salesperson, office staff, supervisors, and the drivers that dropped off and picked up my cars treated me with courtesy, respect, and a smile. They made the process easy and the work done on the vehicles was excellent. What set them apart for me was customer relations. There are probably other vendors that can fix your vehicle, but this is a local company with great people,
Dionne Evans
Dionne Evans
I received dent repair from Hell damage Tim and Dorena I believe that's his name help me and they both were awesome caring and thoughtful thank you both from the Evans Family.
Heather Sniadecki
Heather Sniadecki
I would recommend this place to anyone needing dent repair. Faith was a joy to work with and made everything easy and quick!
George Vlassiss
George Vlassiss
I had a very good experience with all the members of Dent mechanic group and I will recommend them to all of my friends and family
susie gonzalez
susie gonzalez
Marianela Tobar was the one who helped me with my claim, she was very friendly and easy to work with. We started the claim and the next day I already have a rental vehicle being sent to my house, I didn’t even have to drive my vehicle to them they picked it up. I didn’t have to pay my deductible they cover deductibles up to $1000. I had a significant amount of hell damage on my vehicle and it is now all gone. Very pleased with it all. Thank you so much!
Rewat M. Patel
Rewat M. Patel
1 star for the dent repair person, their quotes are more then double of what they would charge at dealership. I got the dent repaired for 350$ for something he quoted me 800$$ for Could not say the same about Tim. 5 star for Tim, he is really a great guy. Guy is very genuine and nice person.
B Riggins
B Riggins
I use this group for hail damage on my car and my experience with Dent Mechanic Group was amazing! Starting with the amazing Jerica. She was patient and very informative. She walked me through the initial process step by step. And I was then taken care of by my customer service rep. Charissa! She was the absolute best! She was able to get me a car the same day and even drove it to my house! There were issues with cars I was given and she was so patient and kind with me and I am so grateful!! I definitely recommend this group! The customer service is A1!
man performing paintless dent repair on black car



If you need body damage repaired on your vehicle, including hail damage
and accidental dents, we can provide paintless dent repair to return
your automobile’s body back to it’s former glory.