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Texas Hail Statistics

Along with warm weather and plenty of moisture comes the possibility of hail. Warmth and moisture are a powerful combination that cause the supermassive cumulonimbus clouds that are hail’s source. Due to this fact, the state of Texas gets the brunt of the force of hail provided by mother nature here in America. Texas leads in the amount of hail damage claims over the next leading state by more than double. points out:

“Texas was the top state in hail loss claims from 2013 through 2015 with 394,572 hail loss claims.”

Now, that’s a staggering statistic, but consider this: Hail is also the costliest natural disaster in Texas. The Texas Department of Insurance outlines some statistics:

“[In 2011] Texas had more severe hail events than any state in the country, causing $1.7 billion in insured losses statewide. […] In fact, over this time period, hail losses exceeded those caused by hurricanes and tornados combined.”

So what does that mean for a Texas resident? The Texas Department of Insurance advises that Texans take precaution so that you aren’t caught off guard when a hailstorm strikes. They suggest to “review what your home and auto policies cover, know your coverage limits, and consider impact resistant roofing materials if and when your roof needs to be replaced. Most insurance companies will offer a premium discount for hail-resistant roofs.”

When it comes to your vehicle, you’ll want to keep your car covered. Park in a garage, or under a structure. Be mindful of the forecast, and try not to get caught in a hail storm while driving or away from the home. If you are on the road and note that a hail storm is on its way, it’s best to seek shelter for yourself and your vehicle. Keep an eye out for gas stations with covered bays. You may also be able to find parking structures if you’re near a mall or in the middle of a city. If you have time to prepare your car for a storm, and you can’t put it under the shelter of a roof, you can use blankets to mitigate the damage of hail. You’ll have to duct tape or tie down your blankets to ensure that they don’t blow away due to the winds of a storm (Take note that the duct tape will leave a sticky residue that’ll take time to remove. However, duct tape shouldn’t remove paint on your vehicle unless that paint is already aged and chipping). Don’t go out into a storm if hail is already falling. You can be severely damaged by falling hail. Hail may even be life threatening. , “Close to 250 people in India were killed by falling hail in 1888.” Take caution when hail begins to fall near your property, and prioritize the safety of your family and yourself over your vehicle(s) and home.

In short, hail is dangerous. It can injure exposed people, damage your home, and it can do a number on your car. Here in Texas, the dangers of hail are magnified due to the regularity of hail storms throughout the state. When a storm is on the radar, take proper precautions to ensure your safety and mitigate property damage. Be sure that your home and vehicle(s) are insured, and if you do encounter dents on your vehicle, you can always count on the Dent Mechanic Group for Paintless Dent Repair of hail damage.


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