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Does it Pay to Repair Hail Damage?

Hail damage is a common issue for many car owners, but does it pay to repair it? Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a cost-effective method for repairing hail damage without needing to repaint the affected areas. In this blog post, we’ll explore the cost of hail damage repairs, when it is best to get your car repaired, and the risk of a total loss claim if you choose not to repair. Read on to find out if it pays to repair hail damage and if paintless dent repair is a good option for your car.

If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will pay for the repairs. 

If you have comprehensive car insurance coverage, good news! Your insurance company will cover the hail damage repairs. Comprehensive coverage is an optional type of coverage that helps with both physical and non-physical damage to your car. This could include fire, theft, flooding, and damage from objects like hailstones.

This type of car insurance usually covers the damage repairs, but you will still have to pay a deductible – or the amount of money you will need to spend out-of-pocket for the repairs. Once the deductible is paid, the insurance company will take care of the rest.

At Dent Mechanic Group, your deductible is completely covered by us, so it is never a worry. You pay $0 out-of-pocket every time. Hail yes to that!

Waiting until hail season is over could mean more damage.

Delaying or putting off hail damage repairs can actually cost you more in the long run and is one of the most common costly mistakes that many people make when dealing with hail damage repairs. Cracks in windows and door panels can allow water to seep into the car and cause rust damage, which is not covered by insurance or warranty. The longer you wait to schedule that free inspection, the more damage will occur, and the more expensive the repairs will be.

So be smart and schedule a free inspection with us before it’s too late! With our paintless dent repair services, your car will look just as it did before the hail storm rolled through!

The risk of total loss. 

When you put off hail damage repairs and drive dinged, you are putting yourself at risk for a total loss claim.

If you require repair costs that exceed 50% of the vehicle’s value, you may have a total loss claim. Once your vehicle has been determined to be a total loss, the insurance company will assess the actual cash value (ACV) before the loss occurred. In the event that your vehicle has existing damage, such as dents from a past hail storm, your total loss payment check to you will be a lot smaller if it hadn’t been repaired.

While it may seem more logical to wait until hail season is over to repair any damage, you actually increase the risk of total loss the longer you wait. If you get in a wreck before you repair the hail damage and your vehicle is totaled, your insurance will subtract the thousands of dollars of hail damage your vehicle had from your check. Therefore, you will get a lot less money out of your total loss claim and might even end up owing money to your lender.

So yes, it does pay off to get your hail damage repaired as soon as possible after a storm to save you time, money, and your vehicle.

How Dent Mechanic Group can help

Dent Mechanic Group’s #1 priority is taking care of you and your vehicle. Our staff of highly-trained paintless dent repair experts will repair the damage quickly and efficiently at no out-of-pocket cost to you. We also offer free pick up and delivery and, if needed, a free Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 

We have repaired thousands of cars in DFW for over 7 years, have over 600 5-star reviews on Google, and operate year-round, not just when a bad hail storm hits.

We rely on our extensive knowledge, training, and experience to provide the highest quality paintless dent repair service and our promise of a no-hassle experience so you can be back in your car in no time.


If you need body damage repaired on your vehicle, including hail damage
and accidental dents, we can provide paintless dent repair to return
your automobile’s body back to it’s former glory.